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For skiers avalanche is the biggest risk followed by falling due to cornice, slough or slipping. Check the batteries in your tranciever, and keep up the practice. More important still: Choose safe routes and be open to signs of instability. The signs are: Fresh avalanches, Snow blowing in where you want to ski, whomf-sounds, snow cracks where you go.  In the lodge you will get information about the snow conditions. Do your own check at Patrik is professional snow-observer of the Lyngen area. Emergency number in Norway is 113.

Weather in Lyngen

SW-wind is predominant i.e northeast are most commonly leeslopes. 5 min by car from the lodge are a few of them f.ex. Goalsevarri, Rørnestinden & Rottenvik glacier. At sea-level however it is normally more snow in the northwest at mountains like Storgalten and Stetinden. The peninsula is also barrier for low pressures. SW-wind normally means more stable weather and less wind for the area around Lyngseidet. Temperatures vary. In march temperatures between -10 to 0 at sea-level is normal. Sun is not so strong here as in the alps making sun-crust a lesser problem before mid April.







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