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    Magic Mountain Lodge

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    Dog Sledding

    What about trying some real racing-huskies? At the trail 6 km from the lodge it wont be slow, unless you want it to be. There will also be time for some stories over a traditional cup of bål-kaffe, coffee boiled over open fire. This is our most popular activity. Transport is not included but can be arranged. Normally this activity starts at 11 and continues for 3-4 h.

    2017/18 price is not set*


    Ice Climbing on a Frozen Waterfall

    You can do it! Even if those sharp tools seem life-threatening they will give you a tremendous grip making the sport easier than it appears. The sound as you swing the axe into the crystal is just music. The icefall is about 20 min walk from the parking. Your safety is taken care of by a certified mountainguide.

    2017/18 price is not set*

    Snow Shoeing with a view

    Go for a walk half way up the mountain to see what Lyngen alps are all about! The walk starts and ends by the lodge and and pass over fields, through beautiful birchtree forests and ends about 400 m up by the treeline with a beautiful view over the fjord and surrounding mountains. About 3-4 h walk during the brightest hours of the day.

    Included: Guide, snowshoes, poles, headlamp and a hot drink.

    2017/18 price is not set*

    Aurora hunting

    Join us on a chase after the mythical northern lights! We know you have spent a lot of time and effort, and this may be your once in a life time chance to witness the dancing lights. So to up your chances we offer Aurora hunting, where we travel to the best spots based on statistics and daily reports, as far away from light pollution as possible.

    While the northern lights is the main objective, we try our best to make the whole evening a moment you will remember. We do this by choosing the best setting for the current conditions, be it local tales around the bonfire, or watching clear stars on the fjord from our boat. No matter, you can rest assure that we deliver the best experience possible based on season and weather conditions.

    Included: Transport by car from Lyngseidet, all equipment necessary for the activity (headlamps, firewood etc.) warm beverage, snacks, and a good time!

    2017/18 price is not set*


    Northern Light Private Tour

    Why is Lyngen one of the very best places see the auroras? Placed right under the most common belt of activity s one thing. But also, we have a fantastic local weather, Lyngen Alps as a backdrop and basically no or just a little light pollution. If needed we assist you with your camera settings and perhaps also to get yourself in the picture. Our 4×4 can bring up to four people to the right places 21-24.00.

    2017/18 price is not set**


    Nordic skiing beginner course

    Join us on a crash course in nordic skiing,  the perfect start on your Norwegian winter holiday. Our guides will take you out on an easy ski trail, learn you all the basic techniques and make sure you feel confident enough to gain a little speed. After this course you should be well equipped enough to join our Nordic ski tour.

    Included: Transport from Lyngseidet, all equipment necessary (Skis, poles, shoes), warm beverage, snacks and a good time!


    2017/18 price is not set*

    Nordic Ski Tour

    Join us on a ski tour through snowy forests, fields and fun slopes. The perfect way to get a little up-close and personal with the elements!

    Our guides will take you out on a fairly easy ski trail, give you some help and tips with your technique, and make sure you arrive safely at the goal of the day,  a small cosy wooden hut far away from the city streets.  Here you will enjoy a light lunch, warm beverages, and maybe have a friendly ski jump competition if your up for it!

    Included: Transport from Lyngseidet, all equipment necessary (Skis, poles, shoes), warm beverage, lunch, snacks and a good time!

    2017/18 price is not set*

    Book by sending e-mail to magicmountainlodge@gmail.com. (No charge for cancellations)

    *This activity requires at least two people

    **Four people max



    Some reviews:


    “The dog-sledging experience was exceptionally fun!”

    Priscilla & Xavier, Singapore

    “Amazing northern lights, delicious food, great scenery from the balcony… A paradise for backpackers.”

    Ka Keung TAO, Hong Kong

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