About us

Our story

We established Magic Mountain Lodge in 2011 after years of travelling, biking and skiing around the world, and completely falling in love with Lyngen. This was where we wanted to spend the rest of our life. Skiing, mountainbiking, hiking and all the outdoor activities that gives us so much joy.

Here you will meet us; Patrik and Henrika, our lovely staff, and perhaps our children Majken and Felix.


During our years in Lyngen we have been so lucky to establish many great partners, which we can truly reccomend.


As avid outdoor adventerours we care about the nature and we want to do our part to ensure it’s taken care of for future generations. So when you stay with us you can rest assure that we have done what we can to provide you with sustainable and fairtrade products.

Some of our guaranteed eviromental measures

  • Only faitrade and ecological coffee
  • All our partners has a sustainable approach
  • We utilize local and seasonal produce when possible
  • Recycling and waste sorting