The Lyngen skiseason is on

Skier ready to drop in.

1 m powder in October

Eager to start the season it was nice to hear from our friends Torbjørn Øybekk Neess and John Erik Laug the night before. -Wanna join for ski tomorrow? Said and done we met at the lodge in the morning and got to the parking between the tunnels at 9.30. And wow it was a popular day! Parking almost filled with cars of hungry skiers.

Starting at slow and steady pace we worked our way up to moraine at 600 m. From here we could see all the earlybirds charging down from mainly the Urdkjerringa colouir. Being a local it is actually a quite nice experience to see all happy skiers again and it is always a advantage to have that trail broken to save the legs on the first tour of the year. We really enjoyed ourself just talking while the view got better and our goal closer. Passing the main trail to Kjostind we headed for the 1270-pass tracking the last section on our own, while watching Nikolai Schirmer stomping a 10 meter cliff just below.

Breaking trail it was easy for him and Krister Furnes Kopala to reach us at the ridge an hour later. After a small chat we were ready to drop in. Despite relatively steep it was so crazy lot of soft snow the run became a slow experience. Hungry for more we put the skins back on. Now we met all the skiers that headed for Kjostind earlier screaming their way through the snow. Good for us the uphill trail was perfect and free of people making us reach 1400 m quite effectively. Sluffed but snowed over the main chute was just perfect ride while taking turns in the lead. Absolutely fantastic falline skiing all the way down to the morrain 800 vertical meters below. What a day: Sun, snow, great company and meetings. Now we are just waiting for the next big opportunity and weather window. The season is on!

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